Air Force taps Millenium Space Systems to develop military weather satellites

Millenium Space Systems has been chosen by the U.S Air Force (USAF) Space and Missile Center’s Defense Weather Systems Directorate to conduct a research program on Systems and Spacecraft for space-based weather sensing.

As part of the USAF Weather Satellite Follow-On Activities (WSFA) risk reduction technology project, the 12-month research program will help identify affordable, low-risk and schedule-responsive solutions to the requirements of Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP). Because of the changes in domestic and foreign meteorological satellite programs, there is an imminent weather satellite gap that DMSP users could experience in approximately two years. With the help of Millenium’s research program, it will address near term and sustaining capability for the critical weather data user community.

Now, Millenium Space Systems is developing a Disaggregated Weather Satellite Pathfinder (DWSP) concept, with the use of a constellation of weather sensing satellites to supply augmentation, gap-filling, replenishment and replacement of the current legacy systems.

Millenium’s WSFA Program Manager Michael Mahoney noted, “Our approach applies an extremely efficient, flight-proven satellite development capability to close the looming ‘weather satellite gap.’ Millennium’s solution is affordable, adaptable and technically capable.”

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